2010 Winners Gallery

The first iDream Student Challenge Technical Symposium was held at The Ohio State University on July 8, 2010. Over 180 people were in attendance to review the finalist's posters and to watch as the winners of the first ever iDream Student Challenge were announced. Both associates and executives from Honda, as well as students and family members from the participating teams were in attendance for a day of presentations, awards, and fun.

Gait Trainer team describing the technology developed to help children with Cerebral Palsy
iDream awards and presentations
First place in electronics category:
No Abandonment - methodology developed to minimize the possibility of leaving a child in a vehicle unattended
First Place in mobility category:
Solar Solutions - a solar thermal electric car charging station
Solar Solutions team member Michael Nesteroff explaining the innovative solar technology
Honda R&D Americas, Inc., Vice President Frank Paluch discussing Honda's unique vision and viewpoint
The Sub-Zero team discussing their innovative
"smart refrigeration" system
Team Don't Sink kayak team member Greg Bader demonstrating the unique hand equipment developed to aid those with disabilities
First Place in material's category:
Small Memories to Remember - Oxide nanowires for next generation memory devices